“If your business is not on Internet, then your business will be out of business” – Bill gates

Such a honest words from the business legend, don’t you think why does he said such words almost decade ago which has become reality now in 2018. Digital marketing has become necessity of business nowadays.

Don’t get misguided please.

” Traditional marketing is not at all outdated, it has a life saver now and that is Digital marketing.” -Edutaus

We as traditional marketers always used to believe in three dimensional approach to carry out any business i.e.

  • Grab opportunity
  • Create strategy
  • Implement it at right time.

Nothing has changed in 2019, in fact due to globalization & vast reach of internet more opportunities are available, more strategies can be built accordingly because targeting audiences has become easy and smart work now. Lastly the implementation of strategy at right time is at most concern of any business since traditional marketing, so it has to be there but Digital Marketing makes it more easy and accurate now.

People misinterpreted the Digital Marketing as a replacement of traditional marketing! NO, in fact with the knowledge of traditional marketing you can achieve greater success rate in Digital Marketing implementation/learning.

Edutaus provide you clear vision of Digital Marketing & how it’s related to traditional one.

Why digital marketing is gaining such importance?

  • Growing internet impact on our social life.
  • Smartphone, tablets, technological growth in computers.
  • Social media hype – Most important medium to check customer feedback at real time.
  • Digital Marketing makes your customer busy by various means like blogs, info-graphics, memes, quizzes etc.
  • Last but not least. It’s an electronic version channel fast to reach, easy to reach & trustworthy since no human emotions or interaction gets involved.

Government of India started STARTUP INDIA & DIGITAL INDIA campaign .Why? Because country like India having such huge population it is impossible to achieve 100% employment by government. Then why not encourage/boost people to become entrepreneurs & create their own source of revenue. Digital marketing makes it easier for small scale businesses to stand up in competition and raise to level of big giants.

How? Go through the Edutaus digital marketing course structure you will get clear understanding how you are going to get benefited by learning/Knowing Digital Marketing.

Some quick facts to follow here to clear your doubts are:

Recent Trends suggests that

  • 45% small scale businesses invest in social media marketing
  • 20% on  online marketing
  • 15% ON Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing makes you believe that business growth at any point is important & can be achieved by following proper strategies. Targeting a different levels of audiences for your concern business is at most important & can only possible by Digital Marketing at affordable cost.

Most valuable outputs you get from learning Digital Marketing are:

  • Skills for competitor analysis at ease Google alerts.
  • Getting higher conversion rates.
  • Targeting audiences at different levels.
  • Knowledge of mobile marketing email marketing ,need of time.
  • Achieve better ROI.
  • Since Digital Marketing is progressive medium of marketing.
  • Digital Marketing gives to chance to pick up best.

” Most important fact is Digital Marketing is a platform where all kinds of business are at equal level” -Edutaus

Yes, it is the quality of your content, strategy that you follow stands you out at the top.

Last mighty output of Digital Marketing is building brand awareness

We all are known to fact that how people are engaged & involved in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. It’s becoming matter of debate on TV channels nowadays. Why not grab this opportunity of such moral tool of marketing and promote our brand in such a way that people gets involved in it emotionally and this will create long lasting image of brand. So it is advisable to learn proper social media marketing technique’s at Edutaus.

At the end all conclude to fact that , Digital Marketing is not a free tool, surely it is cost effective & has to be learned through proper channel. So boost your Digital Marketing skills at Edutaus.