Digital marketing is the most emerging & booming field today. In year 2016, 35% of companies already adopted Digital marketing strategy in place. They believe that this initiative will help them to increase their revenues by 30% and according to current market stats more than 180,000 jobs are expected in Digital Marketing by the year 2020. Some of the most important skills that you might require to become a successful Digital Marketer are:

  1. Creative content writing

This is the most important skill one should have, to become a successful Digital Marketing Professional, as this will help you to attract large audience base on internet. Content can be of any format like images, videos, audio, blogs etc. By using your creative excellence you should be able to attract target audience and provide relevant information about your business. This process can lead way for more and more website visitors and brand building.

  1. Data Analytics

Data Analytics plays a vital role in your digital marketing journey. Data analysis through your Facebook & Google analytics tools can help you understand better about consumer behaviour and about the things what they actually want from your website.

  1. More Practical Knowledge

It’s easy to have theoretical knowledge on Digital Marketing, but practical knowledge would let you experience the highs & lows when implementing your Digital Marketing strategy thereby helping you become an expert professional. So try to focus on more practical. You need to evolve as a digital marketer and you need to learn things on daily basis. Please remember, certification doesn’t really matter a lot in this field. 

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a necessary part of our daily life and routines. According to study the average person spends approx. 2-2.5 hours on social media platforms every day. As a result social media is very impressive way of marketing to boost your business and creating brand awareness.

So it’s well said about Social Media-

“Don’t treat social as a marketing channel, treat it as a conversation you would have with someone. You need to have something to exchange with your audience and not just interrupt a conversation.”

Successful digital marketing professional apply the same rules when it comes to posting content on social media. If your post doesn’t contain proper information, then you will not be able to attract your audience. High quality and impressive content is must for promoting a business on social media.

  1. An understanding of Word Press

As per research, around 25% of the total website uses WordPress as their option to create a website. You should have a brief knowledge about WordPress Management to achieve success in this field. If you want to create a blog or even a website, word press knowledge is compulsory as it helps you to educate yourself about its functionality and operation .Word Press is always offering something new and useful that can boost up content production.

  1. Mobile Marketing

According to market research, statistic shows that the number of Smartphone users in India in year 2015 was approx 200 million and at the end of year 2017 this figure has gone up to around 300 million. Above mentioned stats also states that about 70-80% of those are between age group of 20-35 years.

To become successful Digital marketer you must know the importance of mobile users .Focusing on learning about behavior, expectation & basic needs of mobile users, you can better plan to improve your mobile strategies for successful lead generation, user retention etc when promoting the business on mobile website. Only by fulfilling the needs and meeting the expectations of your customers you can easily improve your skills.

In this modern era, marketing relies highly upon digital platforms, hence digital marketers need to continuously enhance and adapt their skill sets accordingly to compete with others.

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