B2B or as we mostly say business-to-business is a very diverse business model where the transaction exists between Businesses. These type of business is conducted between companies such as a manufacturer and a wholesaler.

Traditional B2B strategies includes mostly direct and outbound options, the process that has been outdated in this new market which has seen an exponential growth in Digital Marketing. Most of the B2B buyers are more inclined towards Digital Platforms where they can have various options, comparisons as well as feedbacks to decide to which brands or services can be more fruitful. But the surveys shows that B2B sellers aren’t ready for this new marketing platforms and are still going for the old marketing strategies. The common problem with the B2B sellers is they don’t have planned approach as to how to implement new strategies to attract B2B buyers.

There are many ways to generate client connections, lead generations and maximizing ROI to satisfy the need of B2B sellers in Digital Marketing of which the important process are mentioned below that can be used as client building strategies.

1. Content Marketing Strategy:

Content is the most effective strategy when planning a B2B marketing strategy for your business. Content can influence the buyers from different platforms and get referrals for your Business. You can have articles on your website, social media contents along with Newsletters or videos and Info graphics to explain your brand or services. Contents will help you create awareness on various Platforms and reach out to your target audience in no time. This strategy includes displaying content on Social Media, Website, Microsite, Blogs, Mobile Apps and e-Newsletters.

2. Effective Websites :

A website or an Online Catalogue has been rated as best decision making option by most B2B Customers. So, create an effective website which can showcase all the key questions required, like:

  • Is the Company Stable?
  • Is this site Trustworthy?
  • Am I in the right place?
  • Is this a company I can do business with?
  • Is this a professional company?

Hence, we should deliver the answers to the required questions by promoting our website by using activities like Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Paid Search & Display advertising, Big Data and Online PR to gain trust as a stable company to which doing a business is worth.

3. Search Marketing:

Don’t miss out on the increased potential of Search Marketing as most of the B2B Marketers don’t spend time on search engine optimization or Paid search. As per survey search engines have been rated as top channels when it comes to researching purchase, followed by website, customer reviews/case studies and social channels.

As the search volumes are lower in B2B, but use of long tail keyword can help you strictly target your relevant Audience. Hence, group your target key words and try to build quality backlinks around them. Also, you should set geographic target and use localised Meta data for International Targeting.

4. Social Media for B2B Marketing:

Around 56% of inbound marketers have generated leads from LinkedIn, 53% from Facebook and 45% from Twitter. Have you?

So, create useful and shareable content and interact using social media platforms that are most suited to your product or services. Also, try to use all the relevant features in LinkedIn. You can also use assisted conversion in Google Analytics to track what works best for your business.

5. Analytics & Improvement:

Less than half of the B2B sellers use analytics effectively as per the survey conducted by Digital Analytics Association. Harness the power of Analytics to improve your business.

  • Set up Goals & funnels with values assigned
  • Setup event tracking to see which call to action or content is best working for you.
  • You can use content experiments to increase conversions on key pages.
  • Forward and Reverse Goal path analysis can show you the most effective content that can lead to conversion.

Digital Marketing has been proving its foot hold on digital platforms. Now, as B2B marketers we should harness the power of this new marketing option to generate ROIs and clientele.