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Tableau Training Course in Pune

Get Advanced Skill Set in Tableau Training with certified Industry Experts

The Tableau Training in Pune at Edutaus guarantees a top to bottom comprehensive learning of the Tableau Desktop Skills, where you will pick up a significant knowledge of Data Visualization, scripting, sorting out and simplifying information. Further, the course tosses light on Tableau Statistics, and gives hands-on preparation about how to make the most comprehensive and interactive  dashboards. Training at Edutaus will prepare you to master Tableau mapping concepts such as radical selections and custom geocoding; and varied charts such as waterfall, Pareto, Gantt, Sparkline, Boxplots, and market basket analysis.

Increase in the number of Tableau customers have resulted in the increased demands of Tableau experts around the world. Grab the opportunity and turn into a Tableau expert – pick up skill and stand tall in the field of business intelligence.

Tableau Training Course Content

We have Designed Tableau Training Course Content as Per Current Industry Requirements

  • What is BI & Overview of BI?
  • Why Self Service Analytics BI tools, Why not Enterprise BI tools?
  • What is Data Visualization?
  • Scope of Data Visualization
  • Tableau Features and its uses
  • Scenario and Objectives where Tableau is used
  • Tableau Environment Installation and Licensing for 1 Year free plan using student license
  • Features and Architecture of Tableau
  • Components of Tableau: Tableau Desktop, Online, Server, Mobile, Public, Reader
  • Tableau File Types: Twb, Twbx, Tde, Tds, Tps, Tbm files
  • Understanding Data Connections available in Tableau
  • Flat Files Connections & Relational DB Connections
  • How to connect to Tableau Data Server?
  • Live Connection and Extract Connection, Difference between Both
  • Data Connections: Joining and Blending
  • Normal DB Joins available in Tableau
  • How to edit relationships of Joins
  • Data Blending & Cross Database Joins
  • Difference Between Cross DB Join & Data Blending
  • Custom SQL Enabled, Data Extraction, Incremental Refresh, Extract Filters
  • How to display the data in different types of orders
  • How to identify data types of imported data from DB into Tableau
  • Performing Calculations on Loading View
  • How to split the data in separate columns also custom split and concatenate data on loading view
  • How to display required data as per the requirement
  • How to create groups on loading view
  • Tableau in Memory Data Engine significance and capabilities
  • What are Dimension and Measure, difference between both?
  • Fields: Discrete, Continuous, How to convert continuous fields in discrete
  • Exporting Data from Tableau to different files
  • Tableau Visualization Engine
  • How to create folders, Hierarchies to group dimensions and measures
  • What are filters & its types: Normal, Quick, Global, Top, Bottom, Cascading, Context, Data source, Extract, User Filters?
  • Filters Based on Dimensions, Measures and date fields
  • Aggregation & Disaggregation of Data
  • What are sorting and its types: Computed, Manual, Combined field sorting?
  • Groups, Sets and Bins and their differences
  • Constant Set, Computed Set and Combined Sets with all the joins, IN Members-Out Members
  • Blockspring API implementation using python code
  • Building web data connectors and importing data into tableau
  • Embedding Tableau reports on different web applications using embedded analytics with JavaScript and any one programming language.
  • Why Tableau with R?
  • R & R studio Environment Installation
  • Installing   packages in R studio, Using libraries of R service, How to Start R Service, Connecting Tableau with R.
  • Implementing the functions of tableau SCRIPT_Int, SCRIPT_Real, SCRIPT_Bool, SCRIPT_Str, Predictions of measure values using R with Tableau.
  • Project Implementation on Tableau Using Relational DB System
  • Interview Guidelines, Interview Questions, Interview Preparation Material.
  • Tableau Study Material (EBooks, Pdf’s), Resume Preparation, Modification
  • All the material will be shared on Google drive individually to all candidates.
  • Full training will be hands-on with practical examples and assignments to important topics
  • Available Charts: Bar Chart, Line Graph, Cross Tab, Heat Maps, Highlighted tables, Pie chart, stacked bar chart, bubble chart, tree map, symbol map, filled map, custom shapes and histogram.
  • Advanced Visualizations: Gantt chart, Lollipop Chart, Bump Graph, Funnel chart, Traditional funnel chart, waterfall model, scatter plot, Donut chart, Motion Charts.
  • Summarize view: Constant line, Average line, Median with quartiles and Totals
  • Model View: Average & Median with Confidence Intervals
  • Custom View:  Reference Lines and Reference Bands, Distribution Bands
  • Forecasting in Tableau with its 4 factors (Trend, Seasonality, Cyclic Fluctuations, and Residual Noise) and methods.
  • Trend Lines, Clustering in Tableau for statistical analysis
  • Need of Calculations
  • Basic Calculations:  Types of calculations: Basic Calculations, Table Calculations, LOD Calculations, Calculated Fields, Conditional Coloring, All the functions used for calculation in Tableau, Normal Functions, String, Date, Number Functions, Windows Aggregation Functions
  • How to show Grand Totals (Column, Row) and Sub-Totals
  • Quick Table Calculations: Running Total, Percentage of totals, Difference, Moving average, Rank YTD, MTD, QTD Calculations, How to find Date differences, Current Year, Previous year, Current Year Sales, Previous Year Sales.
  • Rank Functions: Rank Competition, Rank Dense, Rank Modified, Rank Unique, LAST (), FIRST ()
  • Compute using all the methods: Table across, Table down, Table across then down, Table down then across, pane across, pane across then down, cell, specific dimensions
  • Level of Details Calculations: Fixed, Include, Exclude with examples and real-time use cases

Why & what is a Parameter and How to create a Parameter?

Use of parameters with different controls in below scenarios:

  • Top N Results
  • Dynamic Dimensions
  • Dynamic Measures
  • Combined Dynamic Dimension & Dynamic Measure
  • Reference Lines
  • Parameters For Top 100 Customers in Step Size
  • Parameters to Forecast Measure Values
  • Dynamic Graphs
  • What is a Dashboard and how to build it?
  • How to build Interactive Dashboards
  • What are Action Filters with its 3 different types?
  • How to perform navigations on dashboards?
  • How to create Logos and buttons on dashboards, how to export dashboards into images and PDF’s?
  • How to create Story Boards
  • Best Practices to be followed while creating Dashboards
  • Dashboard Objects: Device preview, Captions, Layouts, Background Images, Text, Tiled and Floating, Web URLs to switch from dashboard to different web page links.
  • Formatting Dashboards and sheets included in dashboard
  • Dashboard Manipulation with use cases and case studies practical assignments.
  • What is Tableau Online & Server and difference between both?
  • Environment Installations and signup functionalities
  • User Interface, How to create project, Name the projects
  • Content Management, Scheduling Refreshes, How to create users and groups
  • Row level security, User permissions and roles, user filters
  • How to publish separate worksheets and dashboards
  • How to publish data sources separately and create workbooks and reports in tableau server or online
  • How to subscribe the reports, alerts and account settings of site administrator
  • How to create pdf and images of reports on tableau online or server


With rising interest of tableau specialists, Edutaus has particularly designed its Tableau Training Course in order to influence you to experience the best training in Tableau, so that you can gain the professional expertise on Tableau skills.
Tableau has immense scope in the market and is currently leading the competition with its competitors. Being the top choice for customer, top MNCs have numerous opportunities for Tableau developers to fulfill customer requirements. Not to mention the ability to understand other reporting tools through the understanding of tableau. A large number of freelancing opportunities are present in the market. Hence goes without saying that working on Tableau will always pave way for a prospective career in the Industry.

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Who should do this course?

One who has a basic understanding computers and who has the zeal to pursue a career in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence can enhance their career opting for this course. Tableau is an unbiased tool used equally by users of all career scope such as Developers, Analysts, Architects, Consultants and Project Managers. The course is suitable for:

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I have completed advanced digital marketing from Edutaus and I must say it was a really good decision. They provide from basic advanced knowledge.
Gautam Sir is really experienced and diamond of digital marketing. He always clear my all doubts whenever I’m stuck at some points. Overall it was amazing experience with Edutaus and specially with Gautam Sir.


I have successfully completed digital marketing course from Edutaus. Course is designed with marketing strategy. It’s great experience and knowledge provided by Gautam sir is very helpful to deal with competition.

Ketan Chaudhari

I had a great experience with EDUTAUS.The theory and practical session helps me to understand digital marketing in effective manner. The best part was being in an working on live project & special thanks to our trainer gautam sir…I recommend all if you are looking for digital marketing course then Join edutaus..

Parag Sharma


Get answered to your queries about the course module, its scope & advantages as career builder

Do you provide Placements?2019-11-01T08:44:14+00:00

Yes. Edutaus provides 100%  job assistance. Having said that we provide unlimited job calls till you get placed. Internship programs are also provided in various companies.

Do you provide Google Certifications?2019-11-01T08:43:39+00:00

Yes. Our Syllabus has been designed to cover all the certification courses. Various Google Certifications includes- Analytics, Adwords Fundamental, Search, Display, Mobile and Video Certifications.

Apart from this, we also provide Course Completion Certificate who have attended the class regularly.

Is it possible to work from Home after Course Completion?2019-11-01T08:43:09+00:00

Yes of course. You can work from home as freelancers or you can take individual projects.

Is it possible to work from Home after Course Completion?2019-11-01T08:42:09+00:00

Yes of course. You can work from home as freelancers or you can take individual projects.

Who should go for this Course?2019-11-01T08:39:26+00:00

As per the current scenario, those who are incharge of marketing and sales can opt this digital marketing course. Profiles who can pursue this course are:

  • Under Graduates, Graduates & Job Seekers.
  • Entrepreneurs and Company CEO’s
  • Freelancers, Web Designer & Bloggers
  • Media Advertising Professionals
  • Small / Medium & Large Business Owners.
What is the eligibility criteria to do Digital Marketing?2019-11-01T08:38:54+00:00

Educational Qualification is not under bar as any one above higher secondary class degree with sound knowledge of internet can do this course. They should also know how to operate computers.

What Can I learn from demo session?2019-11-01T08:38:16+00:00

Demo session is totally free and anyone can attend the session. The session covers brief knowledge about the digital marketing course and also entertain any queries raised so that you can get clear view of the courses you want to join.

Why should I join Edutaus?2019-11-01T08:36:56+00:00

Edutaus has covered up all the topics which has been in practice in the current marketing scenarios. Digital Marketing has evolved a lot from its past process and is continuously doing so by keeping the user interest and behaviour in account.

Hence, it’s high time now to break the old shackles of basic digital marketing practices and keep ourselves in hunt in this fast paced industry environment.

Edutaus has brought highly sought and experienced trainers to guide students for a successful and job oriented career. Trainers are Google Certified and with more than 5 years of experience in this industry as Trainers as well as Consultants.

Edutaus has tied up with other agencies for the live projects which can serve as hands on experience in the industry.

Edutaus knows the importance of practical sessions, hence we have focused more on having practical sessions.

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